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So, you just got engaged and are planning your wedding, huh?

Your wedding is about your love of course, that is numero uno - but beyond that where do you start? 



STEP 1: Do Research the NEW WAY!!! What is the New Way you ask?! Pinterest.

Pinterest has become an incredible tool to see what the world has to offer aesthetically for your wedding. Think of stacks of the worlds bridal magazines pilled all over your floor in your house, and you clipping (pinning as they say) and being able to create mood boards for your wedding virtually. Even if you aren't tech savy, it is the way to go. Click here for a beginners tutorial ( What if you find so many things and you don't know what you want??Don't worry, we can help with that! The board shows us your general style, so don't worry you don't have to know everything you want, just a general idea. 

TIP: If you are on a budget, at least for your floral design board, don't search for things you think fit your budget - GO BIG. Being a wedding pro, we know how to make your dreams happen inside your budget, but if we don't see your dreams, we can't make them come true!

STEP 2: Fill out the wedding query form on the contact page and include your wedding board and as many details as you can. Again, don't worry if you don't have it all nailed down yet, we help with that!


STEP 3: A consult call! When we receive your contact form we will contact you to set-up an initial 45 min consult to review your board and go over the details of your day. NOTE: During slow season (November-March) you can expect reply to set-up a consult call within 1 day Monday-Saturday. During Wedding Season (April-October) you can expect a response Tuesday - Friday. 

If you've provided me with enough information in your contact form, I can get an option ready so that during our first chat, we can review numbers and specific items lines by line.  I offer two complimentary quote revisions prior to booking. If we need to chat about details before I send you a quote, we'll set up another  phone call.​ In total prior to signing with us, we offer a total of 1.5 hours of consult calls which includes about 2 hours of research and proposal building. 

STEP 4: If we're a good fit and you'd like to move forward with reserving your date, I will send you an online invoice and a contract that can easily be e-signed. I cannot reserve your date without the deposit and signed contract.

STEP 5: After your date is reserved we put a "check in" date on the calendar to chat on the phone to discuss your final design and/or floral order about 1-2 months before your wedding.  As you are doing your wedding planning and changes arise, write those things down so that you can bring them all to my attention on our "check in" date. If you have any questions that you need answered before our scheduled "check in," don't hesitate to reach out! 

STEP 6: The remaining balance is due 1 MONTH  before your wedding.

STEP 7: We make floral magic and you GET MARRIED!

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