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Preserve Studio + Rosemarry & Vine

Photography, Film and Florals? This is crazy... good crazy.

Our story begins in the 80's. I remember my Mom constantly creating things. Painting pictures, redesigning the living room 5 times a week, landscaping, quaffing her stylish perm and bangs, stepping out of her everyday looking like Cindy Crawford.... and doing dried flower arrangements. She is truly the most innovate, artsy lady I know. With a level of exactness that is unnerving. Like her nail polishes are organized by colors and her kitchen has all the labels facing the correct way, alphabetically. Get it? LOL

As I grew up and started my company, I have constantly looked to my Mom for her creativity and advice, and once we starting taking off I found it only natural to bring her onto my team. Together, we have built something unique - a company that create and capture the beauty of your day.

We think we are pretty cool. Just saying.

Worldwide Photographer & OWNER: SHANNON ROCK


Northern California FLORIST: DEBBIE SUE

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